Manual Handling Training.

We are accredited by RTITB to provide on-site manual handling training.  This essential manual handling training course has been produced by RTITB, using their wealth of experience and expertise.

Manual Handling Training.

Vital for the health and well-being of all, affecting not only our work life but also our home life.
Manual Handling is defined L23, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 2002 apply to a wide range of manual handling activities involving the transporting or supporting of a load. This includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling carrying or moving.

Course Syllabus

Course opening
admin, introductions course outline.

What is manual handling and why does it matter.
What does the term manual handling mean and where does it apply in our daily lives?
Impact of injuries on the individual and the business.
Musculoskeletal Disorders, Other manual handling injuries, risk groups.

Anatomy of the spine and human movement.
The human spine – function, The human spine – form, Human movement, posture, Mechanics of lifting

Individual capability, Twisting, repetition, team capability, pushing and pulling.

Risk assessment
What is “Risk assessment”. Manual Handling Assessment charts (MAC tool), rsik assessments, PPE

Manual Handling Techniques
Lifting, carrying and setting down techniques, picking up a box from ground level, carrying it, and placing it at ground level. Lighter loads from waist level. Heavier loads from waist level.

Pushing and pulling
Identifying risks, Pushing and pulling techniques

Manual handling and pallets
Problems associated with moving pallets by hand, lifting, moving and stacking pallets.

Associated knowledge test, risk assessment of a manual handling task, practical manual handling.

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